AB Con 2021

Get ready because over 600 people are backing us to host a new kind of experience for you! From the pre-event buzz to hosting industry giants in the Tabletop Gaming industry from around the world. We are already experiencing a record representation of African games, publishers and content creators.

This year, AB Con is taking a bigger step. Since the last convention which was held in 2019, we have recorded over 30 new game releases, 9 new designers, including 3 new Tabletop Games cafés, and a lot of Game Events hosted in different states in Nigeria. 

This year’s convention also seeks to support designers, cafe owners, and producers who were affected by the pandemic in 2020.

Location and Time


Eden parks and garden


4th December 2021


10am- 5pm

Attendance estimation




₦500 (flat rate)




₦3,000 for two tickets


₦7,000 for five tickets


₦10,000 for eight tickets

Proposed AB Con 2021 Hall Experience

A typical hall experience will involve walking around the big hall and checking out various activities. The hall will be divided into 4 segments.Each segments will contain different booths and gaming tables. 

All gaming tables are free and will always have an AB Con Game Master assigned to recommend and teach participants games, while some booths will require an extra fee to participate. 

The AB Con 2021 programme will contain more information about the booths and games.

AB Con 2021 Guest Appearance

Eric Lang

This year we have confirmed; the participation of Eric Lang – world renowned and award-winning Tabletop Games designer with ties to CMON including working on a Marvel themed game. Eric’s presence has already caused a ripple effect – attracting other publishers and designers to the convention.

African Designer

This year, and for the first time, AB Con will fully fund the participation of an African designer who is not in the host country to attend the convention. More information about selected participant will be announced on our social media handles and on the programme.


In line with the Nigerian Center of Disease Control – NCDC, participants will be granted entry into the hall with their nose mask on. Also;

  1.   The venue will be hosting the approved number of attendees provided by the facility manager in compliance with NCDC guidelines.
  2.   There will be provision for hand washing or sanitizing at each entrance of the hall.
  3.   Provision of first aid kit and medical personnel at the premises.

For more guidelines for occasions such as AB Con in accordance with NCDC, please check here;


Abuja is relatively safe and the venue is located in the urban area that houses Government parastatals, offices, Top hotels and expatriate residences. However, we always advise everyone to be security conscious and report anything that seems suspicious. In this regards, during the event, we will;

  1.   Make provision for security to control crowd disruption in the hall and within premises.
  2.   ‘Ask Me’ dedicated points in the hall and vicinity.