About Us

Termed as the first boardgame convention in Sub-Sahara Africa by the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA), the African Boardgames Convention – AB Con, is the largest and oldest gathering of Tabletop games lovers, enthusiasts, designers, publishers and manufacturers in Sub- Saharan Africa!

AB Con aims to introduce people to the beautiful experience of Tabletop Games – the joy of being in a convention, meeting people of like minds and yes, playing, talking and pitching Tabletop games.

The convention was established to:

  •         To boost the growth of the Tabletop Games in Africa
  •         Bring together a community of Tabletop games lovers, enthusiasts, designers, publishers, etc 

What to Expect?

AB Con Game Arena

With over 65 African games and over 350 foreign games, AB Con game arena will host the highest gathering of Tabletop Games in Sub-saharan Africa that is open to the public. This year, 200 gaming tables will be available championed by our team of Game Masters who are trained in recommending and teaching new games to anyone! 

AB Con Kids

With formal inception in 2018, AB Con Kids is the convention’s recognized event dedicated to host and reward children in different gaming categories and also parents, teachers or guardians who support them. Participants can be representing a school, institution or family. This year’s prize includes medals, games and cash prizes

AB Con Playtest (Designing Competition)

For the first time, AB Con will be hosting a game designing competition which will involve playtesting the entry games at the convention and voting for a selected few. The games graphic design, illustration and production will be funded by AB Con including a mentorship opportunity for winning game designers.

AB Con Awards

AB Con will be recognizing and rewarding individuals who are contributing to the growth of Tabletop Gaming across African communities. Selection processes are through online nomination and AB Con committee enquiry and assessment. Individuals who are recognized will be featured in the AB Con brochure detailing their impact in their gaming communities.

Make your own Boardgame

At the conventions, you can check out the manufacturing booth and learn how to make your game prototypes

Content Creation

If you are interested in content creation or already a content creator, get ready to create some experience at the booth. Some of our templates might be the inspiration you need!

Online gaming

If you will not be able to make it, that’s alright too! You can join us online. Our event programme will contain more information on which game(s) and time.


Industries are built on knowledge and experience. In this regard, we will be hosting industry experts, leaders and supporters to discuss Tabletop games, Africa and the rest of the world. We will share more information on the panels and topics.

Game sales and New Releases

AB Con will be your one place to get as many African games as possible in this part of the world including getting signed copies from designers and publishers.

Meet and Chat

We are not done, we will host an after event for designers, publishers, content creators, manufacturers, Game hosts or anyone in the Tabletop Games value chain. This would be an informal meeting to network towards a growing industry in Africa which would facilitate opportunities in knowledge sharing and mentorships.